Bleeding Orange And Black

So, you all know that I’m a big fan of the San Francisco Giants, right?    I have been my whole life, and it has a lot to do with my family.  My dad taught me everything about baseball, and he is a Giants fan.  His mother was a Giants fan.   So of course I was going nuts when they made it to the World Series and won.   Well, I did one better than just going nuts.

During game three of the series, I went out and got this.  I literally bled Orange & Black!

And I was at the parade the following week, as well.   I can’t wait until next season.   91 days until pitchers and catchers report.

Go Giants.

Oh……and my soccer team has a playoff game tomorrow….wish me luck.

Playing Games

I’ve been mentioning this soccer team, but I haven’t really explained what it’s all about.   It is the source of many good laughs and more than a few bumps and bruises.  

It all started around Thanksgiving time, when Pedro gave me a  call to recruit me.  He explained that he was starting a team that would play in Alameda.  It’s a coed 30+ league.  I thought it sounded like an excellent way to meet new people, and to meet new beer, as there is a beer pub at the sports facility.  Oh hell, let’s face it, I wanted to meet men.  I told Pedro as much.   

So, our season began in January, and I’ve been having a very good time with it.   I love to play, and am remembering my competitive streak.   The first game was very difficult, and I was huffing and puffing and miserable.   The next few days were terrible.  I was sore and stiff all over.  It hurt to sneeze or cross my legs.  Oh, but it was all worth it.   Of course, we had our asses royally handed to us.

In fact, we have yet to win a game.  We tied last week.   It was as close as we’ve come.  Perhaps this week will be the one. 

So, on Friday evenings, I go and run about and get kicked Everywhere.    It’s the most fun I’ve had in ages.   Even when it hurts and I’m out of breath and smell awful.    At least there’s beer in the end.

Just sayin’.