I Love You All Very Much, But

You ever felt like you can’t seem to fit into any particular space?   Yeah, I’m having that day.   And I should have known.   I mean, I literally got into a little bit of a fender bender this morning trying to fit into a parking space.   Universe, you may now stop the interpretive dance of my emotions.   M’kay!  Thanks.

Ok, so it wasn’t exactly a fender bender.  More like a bump.   But I scuffed the paint on the other car.  And yes, I left a note.   Why?  Because I fucking hate coming out of someplace and finding a scuff or notch or dent on my car, so why would I do that to anyone else.

I’ve been wandering around all day feeling awkward and like I just don’t belong.  Not much of a stretch for a gigantic nerd-face such as myself, but it’s still not the most comfortable feeling in the world.   It’s kind of like being Chapped, with a side of I Just Said the Wrong Thing for the Fiftieth Time.   Maybe with a dash of Why Can’t I Do This?

So, anyway, I’m sort of in quiet, I have my headphones on so you can’t see me, hidey kind of headspace.

And of course, I don’t know what to say, other than it’s not you; it’s most definitely me.   I just . . .

Don’t belong here.