Maybe I should explain

Why it says I’m in a nauseated mood on the last post with the Go Jimmy Go show. The two things are completely unrelated. How could I be nauseated thinking about my favorite band/best friends coming back into town and playing what will probably be one of the best shows of my life with local greatness, The Uptones and The Struts? It’s impossible. It’s just that I was at work today, and having continued my pattern of sleep, or not sleeping actually, I was feeling pretty assy. So, of course, I’m giddy as all hell that GJG is going to be in town shortly. Also, despite the sleep I didn’t get, it was a great weekend. A little Warsaw, a little King Django (who is nice as hell in addition to rocking), and some quality time with a sniper at a Denny’s in Vacaville. It just doesn’t get any better than that, truly. I came home from work today and crashed hard, though. Slept two hours, and hopefully in a couple more hours, I’ll go back to bed and sleep very well through the night. So, in order to maintain good kharma, but more so because I love you all so much, I want to wish you all the sweetest dreams.

Current Mood – Chipper

Playlist –Playtime
By: David Hillyard & the Rocksteady Seven
Release date: 30 March, 1999